If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!”

“Dr. Kohler is a great dentist! Always informative and thorough with explanations. He always goes above and beyond for his patients to make sure they are satisfied with their visit.”

“Thank you, Dr. Kohler and staff, for taking time out of your very busy schedule to attend to my immediate need for care. Your dedication and excellent service are appreciated.”

“Dr. Kohler did an absolutely amazing job with fixing my broken tooth. The time and care that he took went far above and beyond my expectations, and it was very clear to tell that he enjoys his job and takes much pride in the work that he does.”

“Dr. Kohler did a wonderful job! He explained in depth what was going on almost the whole time and was a perfectionist with what the procedure was! I’d like to see him again for anything in the future.”

“I have seen Dr. Jeffery Kohler on numerous occasions, and I’ve had nothing but OUTSTANDING dental work done by him. He is an awesome dentist!”

“Best dental treatment I have experienced to date. Dr. Kohler did an outstanding job performing my dental treatment and thoroughly explained the process to me. Best of all … no pain!”

“Dr. Kohler and his assistant were absolute professionals. They took the time to educate me, involve me in decision-making, offered suggestions and make a potentially anxious experience one of the best dental experiences of my life. I’m very thankful to have them as my dental providers, and would recommend them to any friend or family member. They gave GREAT care of me as a patient and person. Many thanks!!”

“Dr. Kohler did an excellent job with the root canal. He did a great job explaining what he was doing and seemed very knowledgeable and diligent/attentive to details. Thus far, best dentist I’ve yet to deal with … and will be requesting any future appointments with him. Keep up the good work!”

“Dr. Kohler did a fantastic job with my gum graft. As I mentioned to him, I’ve known I had to have the procedure done since October 2003. With every dentist since, I’ve done an ‘interview’ to be sure he/she was the right one. I felt Dr. Kohler was the one most qualified to perform the gum graft … I am very happy with it.”

“Out of any dentist I’ve ever had, Dr. Kohler is by far the cream of the crop! Maybe it’s his genuine sincerity for patients, or maybe it’s his positive attitude. Maybe it’s his state-of-the-art flawless techniques, or maybe it’s his keen bedside manner. Maybe it’s the fact that the quality of energy he puts into doing what he does with such consistency speaks the loudest. To be frank, this man is unrivaled at more than one level. He’s the tooth whisperer. You know you’ve given the very best every time you leave … I call it ‘the Kohler effect.’ There’s no doubt in my mind he will continue to amaze many people!!”

“Beyond the new facility and mind-blowing technology, the main reason you should go to this dental clinic is because of Dr. Kohler. This guy literally lives and breathes dentistry. He has such a genuine passion for what he does that it’s actually inspiring to be around the guy. So if you are new in town and looking for a great dentist in the area or just interested in trying out a different clinic, this is the place to go!”

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